Everyone knows you need to eat a balanced diet, but sometimes it's easier said than done. Like my nieces know, "you have to eat your colours!"  Together, we can make a plan to modify the fuel you're giving your body - because that's what food is. It's the gas to our cars.  If you have a turbo engine, you need to use premium gas.  But if you put diesel in by mistake (insert drive thru establishment here), it's going to slow you down and cause some major problems!

Part of this plan may include food allergy testing (see Laboratory Testing), which will identify food triggers that should be avoided.   With the elimination of foods, it can be a very difficult challenge to find something to go in it's place.  For example, if you are sensitive to gluten (that's always a tough one to take), it can be found in almost everything.  But thankfully, there are many options to cure your craving that will not give you abdominal cramps, or have you rushing to the nearest restroom.



Nutraceutical Supplementation


Our bodies are amazing at adapting to the stresses we place on it. But there are times when it needs a little more help.  This is where Nutrient Supplementation comes in.  And it's exactly that - supplementation.  Food is the best source of vitamins and minerals.  However, if your body needs them in higher quantities, there's only so much broccoli one can eat!  The products I use are of very high quality, and are produced to be efficiently absorbed by the body.