You're What Kind of Doctor? 

Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes nature's ability to heal, treating the whole person as an individual. Using natural and minimally invasive therapies, Dr. Kassam works with your body to promote healing. 

A Naturopath will help guide you along your path to wellness

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Our Principles

First, Do No Harm

Our jobs as physicians is to choose the the best treatment that is complimentary to the healing process, without causing further harm to the patient


The Healing Power of Nature

Naturopaths recognize that the body has an inherent ability to maintain and restore health.  We work as facilitators to aid the body through this process, and remove obstacles that may be preventing optimal wellness.


Identify and Treat the Cause

Finding and treating the cause of illness is imperative to being healthy.  Symptoms are the body's message to guide us in the right direction, but they are not the root of the issue.  Although symptom management is important, we focus on digging deeper to identify and treat the underlying cause.



Doctor As Teacher

Naturopaths work with patients, and empower them to be advocates for their own health.  Establishing strong doctor-patient relationships and providing education, we are here to support you, but also to help guide you through your journey to health.


Treat the Whole Person

Our bodies are very complex and interconnected.  We look at different aspects of your life - emotional, physical, and mental - all which contribute to our health and well being.  We treat YOU, not your condition.



Our goal is prevention - through education and healthy and balanced lifestyles.